Monday's Poem: Life

Posted by Fiq | Posted in , , | Posted on Monday, March 08, 2010

Life is our teacher
Teaching us with good experiences and with painful ones...

The painful days are difficult to understand
but it is from these trouble times
that we learn how to be strong
we learn to hold on and face each days
even though we hurt and feel frustrated
we learn simplest pleasures
are often the most rewarding
and learn that losing
is often only another step towards winning...

And when life turns its smiling side to us
again as it always does
we find ourself stronger
with a greater knowledge of ourself
and able to feel the welcome comfort
and good times more deeply than before...

Smile always my friend
tomorrow better than today
faces your fears
live your dreams

Life dosen't have to be perfect to be wonderful!

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life ain't easy.
life ain't perfect.

ok deh

im smiling....(^_^)

poem yang bgus...
good job..hihihi

sayangi kehidupan anda

Life is wonderful.



pengalaman yg memberi ilmu tuk kita jadikan panduan n teladan~

nice nih nice :D

saya suka ayat yang last
pinjam ye
nak copy n paste