1 to 10, 10 to 1

Posted by Fiq | Posted in | Posted on Friday, October 09, 2009

Ubai was asked to make a sentence using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6,7, 8, 9 and 10. Not only did he do it 1 to 10, he did it again back to 1.

This was what he came up with:

"1 day I go 2 climb up a 3 outside a house to peep. But the couple saw me, so I panic and 4 down. The man rush out and wanted to 5 with me.I run so fast until I fall 6 and throw up. So I go into 7 eleven and grab some 8 to throw at him. Then I took a 9 and try to stab him. 10 God he run away.

So, I put the 9 back and pay for the 8 and left 7 eleven. Next day, I call my boss and say I am 6 . He said 5, tomorrow also no need to come back 4 work. He also asks me to climb a 3 and jump down. I don't understand, I so nice 2 him but I don't know what he 1"

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haha..sngt kreatif.... ;)

Pernahkah kamu trkejut bila org yg kamu jenguk dtg jenguk kamu balik??? Hahaha.. =p

~ pandai Ubai ek.. kem salam dia nnt.. =)


suka ini!;)

Nabilah ~ thanks=)

Farhana ~ memg la terkezut, tp xder la selalu. kang sakit jantung lak. haha=P

Hasni ~ ye ke? ni mesti gelak guling-guling. tp jgn sampai jump from d 3 or stab urself by 9 plak ye. hehe=P

Enyheartdiamond ~ suke ye. i suke bile u suke=)

aikk fiq dah jatuh cinta ke .... bilaaaaaaa???

Mum ~Haaa???? Jatuh cinta? Haha... Someday=p